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I thought that I meant something. Now Im left with nothing. Visions pass, memories. There’s a hole where my fucking heart used to be. I burned for you. Please don’t extend your hand. I cried for you. Promises never last. Distance makes the heart grow colder. Goodbye drifter, now were over. Now your bodies vacant? You swear you cant take it? The cancer has spread through both of us, now all I have is hatred. How the fuck am I supposed to breathe when you swore you’d never leave? Drifter. Love is dead. Dead’

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Applied for loan forbearance. Here’s to hoping. 3 different loan bills were taking a toll on my mental health. The stress has been ridiculous these last couple of months trying to make those payments. 

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Anonymous asked: would you take a job that serves pizza for meat eaters and make the pizza although your like HxC vegan but you really need a job? Like WWVD?


Yes I would. You have to think about the situation and take care of yourself and make sure you stay healthy and under a roof. I would also, however, be looking for a job that doesn’t have to deal with meat or dairy. It is hard to find a job around here right now, so sometimes you have to take what is thrown at you. 

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The backlog of rape kits has put justice on hold for a lot of people. Back in 2009, more than 11,000 untested kits were found in a Detroit Police Department storage facility. Some were more than 25 years old.

Mariska Hargitay speaks on some of the issues surrounding the rape kit backlog in Detroit, Michigan. #endthebacklog (x)

It costs between $1,000 – $1,500 to test every single rape kit. There are over 10,000 kits left in Detroit’s rape kit backlog. Your donation can go directly to testing them. Donate to the Detroit Crime Commission’s backlog initiative by clicking here.

I am pretty explicitly anti-police in every respect. But I support Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy and her push to catalogue the egregious backlog of unprocessed rape kits in Detroit. 

Her work has already identified countless serial rapists in southeast Michigan, and will continue to identify these rapist pieces of shit as she moves forward.

Who cares if this process leads to conviction or not. Just give us the list. We can take care of the rest.

"After Detroit tested the first 10% of its backlogged kits, authorities were able to link cases to 46 serial rapists." (x)

Just think about it: 46 serial rapists. And the evidence against them was out there, all the time, in those backlogged kits. And that’s just 10% of them

(Source: finding-our-power, via hannabalx)

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Today is a good day because it is haircut day. 

I like haircut day. 

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If your argument against veganism is to compare humans to lions, I will laugh at you for the rest of my life. 

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